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Supplimental Materials:
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Explore: Anaheim Hilton & Towers With Me! | Explore: Universal Studios. / Universal Studios City Walk.
My Theme Parks Adventures: Exploring: Disneyland: [Audio] / My Annual Pass Visits: [Audio]

Seattle Times: Games - Jumbled Words. | Crossword Puzzles. | Isaac Asimov's SUPER QUIZ.

Retailers.Empowering Resource For The Disabled:
Disability World.
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Services For The Blind:
Blind Equipment Manufacturers. | Handicap Services. | Fact Sheet on Braille. | Braille Authority of North America. | Organizations Supporting the Visaully Imapired. | The Blind Readers' Page. | American Printing House For The Blind: :[Website] | American Foundation For The Blind.

Social Security Administration: Survivor Benefits For The Blind. | Working While Disabled.

Training / Certification Courses:
Red Cross: CPR/First Aid/AED. / Lifeguarding. / Swimming & Water Safety. /
Boating Education. / TheNewBoston.Com. [Php Tutorials]
Event Guide: Social Newtorking Guide of Seattle.
News Worthy Charity/Programs: Reach out and Read. [For Military Familys' Children] | The Caring Collection. | Kids In Need. [School Supplies Provider]

The Game Manufacturers Association.
Seattle Paragliding:
Tiger Mountain. | Archie Butler's: Let's Go Flying.
The Lunch Tray. | Housing Services: Housing Hope.
Civil Rights Violations:
Department of Justice (How to File Civil Rights Charges) Resources:
Department of Agriculture. | Department of Education. | Employment Opportunity Commission. | Health & Human Services. | Housing & Urban Development. | Department of Labor. | Department of The Interior. | Department of Transportation. | US Department of Justice.

ADA Restoration Act. [2007] | ADA Home Page. [PDF]/[Audio] | The Disability Digest. [Audio]
ADA Disability Access Highlights.

Americns With Disabilities Act - Class Action Lawsuit:
Against TARGET's Website / OUTCOME of LAWSUIT -
Discriminates Against The Blind.

Technology Grants - Past & Present:
Bill Wright Technology Grants: [
2010 Guidelines]

Disneyland: [Audio] / My Annual Pass Visits: [Audio]
[ Also Consider: Walt Disney World Annual Pass ].
Walt Disney Public Affairs. | Walt Disney News/Media Relations.

Holland America [Destinations]

Senior Housing Resources: Seniour Housing Providers.
Local News: Seattle radio rankings shaken up: Star 101.5 on top. [6/7/09]

Game Secrets - Windows XP: Space Cadet - Cheat Codes.
Dog Breeders: Washington State Breeders.

Department of Justice (How to File Civil Rights Violation Charges) Resources.
Department of Agriculture. | Department of Education. | Employment Opportunity Commission. | Health & Human Services. | Housing & Urban Development. | Department of Labor. | Department of The Interior. | Department of Transportation. | Internet Crime Complaint. [IC3.gov]
DOJ Complaint Form.
Additional Law Enforcement Agencies:
IC3.GOV [Internet Crime]. | Federal Bureau of Investigation. | National White Collar Crime Center. | Bureau of Justice Assistance.

Please Note: Interested in Traveling on the Government?
In this time of high fuel costs, and as it is within my authority to do so, I am offiering anyone the oportunity to write off ALL EXPENSES as well as A VALUE FOR YOUR TIME as DRIVER to any travel destination through my 501(c)3 non-profit organization as a TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donation: if you will allow me to document the travel with you.
If Interested, Please call: (206) 353-0629.

Motorhome Owners

Aviation Pilots

Watercraft Owners

 (Progress Report)

 (Progress Report)

SALE DATES: (November 7-23, 2008)
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Newest Technologies To Be Addressed:
Digital Music For The Blind
/ Motorhome and RV Tradeshow
CarFax. | Washington Courts. | ELance. | Seattle's Taxi Script Program. /
Looking for: an Amtrak Job?
WA Vital Records: [
Birth Certificates] / [Local Health Departments]
Washington State Association of Broadcasters. | League of Women Voters.
Useful Car Search Engines: Car Gerus. \ Dealix. \ Georgia Dealership.

Amateur Radio Relay League. - [Icom America: Radio Electronics Manufacturer]
Sponsorships: (Click Here)!

The Grantsman Center. / Grant Domain. 
Imagining A Different World.
Technology Worth Looking At!
Computer: HP 17" Envy System.
Cellular Phone:
Nokia - Model: KNFB - For The Blind.
Aegis: Drive Assist - Cellular Phone Software.

Pentax ist-D (Auto-Focus Digital Camera).
Bausch and Lomb Custom 61-0726 (7x26) Binocular.
Computer Accessories:
HumanWare. | Drobo: Network Servers. | Computer Shopper. [Magazine]
Computer Supplies:
Bell Micro. [YouTube]

AVG Anti-Virus Software. | McAffee Anti-Virus Software. | Norton Anti-Virus Software.
Newest Technology:
: Dodge: Grand Caravan. [PDF] / Chevrolet: Town & Country. [PDF]
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Mobility Technologies For The Handicappe:
People Movers: Segway / Givi. / Bus Service Provider: MTRWestern.Com. / Electric Motorcycles: Vetrix (Kirkland, WA).

A strong advocate to Wright Images' work has been Arnold Shain of Restaurant Group.