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[ A ]
Acme Imporot Company.
Adams & Brooks, Inc.
Agostoni Chocolate.
Albonese Confectionery.
American Licorice Company.
American Roland Food.
Amerilab Technologies, Inc.
Ann's House of Nuts.
Annabelle's Candy.
Anthony Thomas Candy Company.
Asher's Chocolates.
Atkinson Candy Company.
Au'some, Inc.
Aunt Sally's Praline Shops, Inc.

[ B ]
B & R Classics.
Bazzini Nuts.
Bazooka Candy.
Bee International.
Beer Nuts.
Bell Plantation.
Better Made Snacks.
Bloomer Chocolates.
Boston America Corporation.
Boston Fruit Slice.
Boyer Candies.
Brookside Foods.
Brown & Haley.

[ C ]
C. Howard Company, Inc.
Calico Cottage.
Candy Dynamics.
Candy Industry.
Candy Planet.
Candyrifi, LLC.
Carl Buddig Company.
Carousel Candies.
CCW Products, Inc.
Chicago Importing Company.
Chimes Gourmet.
Chipita America, Inc.
Chocolates Turin, S.A. de C.V.
Clays Candy, Inc.
CM Packaging Group.
Color A Cookie.
Cornfields, Inc.
Crown Candy Corporation.

[ D ]
Darrell Lea.
DeMet's Candy.
Diamonds Foods.
Dilettante / Myntz.
Din Don Foods, Corp.
Divine Chocolate, Inc.

[ E ]
Eda's Sugar-Free.
Eillien's Candies.
Elmer Chocolate.
Enjoy Life Foods.
Euro-American Brands.

[ F ]
Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc.
Ferrara Pan Candy Company.
Ferrero, USA, Inc.
Fizzies Drink Tablets.
Flicks Candy Company.
Ford Gum & Machine Company, Inc.
The Foreign Candy Company.
Frankford Candy & Chocolates.
Freestone Pickles.
The Frickernschmidt Foods Company.
Fun Sweets, LLC.
Funky Monkey Snacks.
Fusion Gourmet.

[ G ]
Galerie USA.
Ganong Chocolate.
Garvey Nut & Candy.
Gaytan Foods.
Georgia Nut Company.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.
Giant Snacks.
Gimbal's Fine Candies.
GKI Foods, Inc.
GloryBees Foods.
Goetz's Candy Company, Inc.
Goo Goo Clusters.
Gourmet Popcorn Creations, LLC.
Grupo Zapata.
Guittard Chocolate Company.
Gurleys Foods.
Guylian USA, Inc.

[ H ]
Hammond's Candies.
Haribo of America.
Hauser Chocolates.
Hawaiian Host Chocolates.
Healthy Food Brands.
Hearthside Food Solutions.
Henry Lambertz, Inc.
Herr Foods, Inc.
The Hershey Company.
Hickory Harvest Foods.
Hilco Corporation.
Hillside Candies.
Hospitality Mints.
Hotlix Candy Company.

[ I ]
Impact Confections.
Independant Can Company.
Inka Crops, NA, Inc.
Inline Plastics.
Innovative Candy Concepts.
International Biscuits & Confections, Inc.
Inventure Foods, UK.

[ J ]
J. Jorgans Confections.
J. G. Van Holten & Son, Inc.
Jack Link's Beef Jerky.
Jel Sert Company.
Jelly Belly.
JJ Martin Group, LLC.
Jonny Almond Company.
Joyva Corporation.
Just Born, Inc.
Justin's Nut Butter.

[ K ]
Kamila Chocolate.
Kar's Nuts.
Katy Sweet Confectioners, Inc.
Kehe Direct.
Kelsen, Inc.
Kencraft Candy.
Kenny's Candy Company.
Kidsmania, Inc.
Kimmie Candy Company.
KIND Healthy Snacks.
King Leo Confections.
Koko's Confectionery & Novelty.
Kookaburra Liquorice.
Koopers Chocolate.
Kraft Foods.

[ L ]
Linda's Lollies.
Lindt & Sprungli, [USA], Inc.
Long Grove Confectionery Company.

[ M ]
Madelaine Chocolate Company.
Madrona Specialty Foods.
Marfood USA, Inc.
Marich Confectionery Company.
Mars Candy Company.
Marshmallow Fun Company.
Maryland Plastics, Inc.
Maxim Manufacturing and Marketing.
McJak Candy Company, LLC.
McSteven's, Inc.
Mederer USA. [Efrutti].
Megatoys / P.C. Woo, Inc.
Melville Candy Company.
Midway Displays, Inc.
Minute Cookies.
NNC Stribbons, Inc.
Mobile Merchandiser.
Monogram Food Solutions.
Mrs. Mays Naturals.
MSRF, Inc.
My Idol Pops.

[ N ]
Nashville Toffee Company.
Nassau Candy.
Natural Snacks, LLC.
Nessle Confections.
NECO, Inc.
New Zealand Natural Goods.
Nexus Foods, Inc.
Niche Gourmet.
The Nutty Bavarian.

[ O ]
Oberto Brands.
Old Dominion Peanut Company.
Old Dutch Foods, Inc.
Old Fashioned Foods, Inc.
Old Trapper Smoked Products.
Ooh la la Candy.
Original Bloomer Candy.
Oulala Courmet Corporation.

[ P ]
Palmer Candies.
Parker Products, Inc.
Partners, "a tasteful choice" Company.
The Peanut Roaster.
Pearson's Candy Company.
Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.
Pez Candy.
Piedmont Candy Company.
Plocky's Fine Snacks.
Pop Rocks, Inc.
Popcorn Alley/Barcelona Nut.
The Praim Group.
Preferred Popcorn, LLC.
Pretzels, Inc.
Primrose Candy Company.
Productos Churruca, S.A.
Professional Candy Buyer.
Professional Image Candy & Snacks.
Promotion in Motion, Inc.
Pucker Powder.

[ R ]
R. M. Palmer.
Ragold-Sweet Sales.
Regal Gourmet Snacks.
Revolution Foods.
Richardson Brands Company.
Rito Mints, LTD.
Royal Chocolates.
Rudolph Foods Company, Inc.
Russell Stover Candies, Inc.

[ S ]
Sahale Snacks.
Sanders Candy.
Sconza Candy Company.
Scripture Candy.
Seapoint Farms.
Senario, LLC.
Sensible Foods, LLC.
SH Foods / Hollys Popconr.
Shenzhen Amos Sweets & Foods Company.
Simple Squares.
Simply 7 Snacks.
Slumber Snacks.
Smarties Candy Company.
Snack Club, Inc.
Snak King.
Snyder's-Lance, Inc.
Sorbee International.
The South Bend Chocolate Company.
Spangler Candy Company.
Specialty Food Media.
Splendid Chocolates, LTD.
Squire Boone Village.
Stauffer Biscuit Company.
Stork, USA, L.P.
Sunflower Food Company.
Sunrise Confections.
Sun Butter.
SunTak-Pharma Manufacturing Company.
Superior Nut & Candy Company, Inc.
Superior Nut Company.
Supreme Protein, Inc.
Sweet & Sour, USA.
Sweet Candy Company.
Sweet Little Mexico Corporation.
Sweet Maple Candies Company. LTD.
Sweet & Fun, LTD.
Sweets in Bloom.
SweetWorks, Inc.

[ T ]
Taffy Town, Inc.
Taste of Nature, Inc.
Taylors Candy, Inc.
Thanasi Foods.
Thompson Brands, LLC.
Tillamook Country Smoker.
Tootsie Roll Industries.
Torn Ranch, Inc.
Trade Fixtures.
Trophy Nut Company.
Tropical Nut & Fruit.
Tropical Valley Foods.
TruSweets, LLC.
Tung Todds.
Turkey Creek Snacks.

[ U ]

[ V ]
Vital Candies, USA.
Virtual Packaging.

[ W ]
Walkers Shortbread.
The Warrell Corporation.
Waymouth Farms, Inc.
Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks.
Western Smokehouse.
Wise Snacks.
Woolfgang Candy Company, Inc.
Wonder Foods.
Wonderful Pistachios.
World Confectioins, Inc.
World Kitchens Premium Meat Snacks.
World's Finest Chocolates.

[ Y ]
Yohay Baking Company.
Yummy Earth.

[ Z ]
Zachary Confections.