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Religious Denominations:
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Methodist Church.
Lutheran Church.
Baptist Church USA.

The Catholic Church.
(The Vatican.)

Religious Associatioins:
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Southern Baptist Covention.
National Baptist Convention.
National Association of Babtist Professors of Religion.

Bible Ministries:
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Radio Ministries:
Billy Graham Ministries.
East Gate International.
Jack Van Impe Ministries.
John Hagee Ministries.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.
AMG International Ministries.
Family Radio Ministries.
Turning Point Ministries.
w/ David Jeremiah.
Family Life Today .
w/ Dennis Rainey
Grace To You .
w/ John Mac Arthur
Hope For Today.
w/ David Hocking
In-Touch Ministries
w/ Charles Stanley 
Insight For Living .
w/ Chuck Swindoll
Leading The Way.
w/ Dr. Michael Youssef
w/ Chuck Colson
The Bible Study Hour.
w/ Dr. James Boice
Through The Bible Radio.
w/ J. Vernon McGee 
Truth For Life.
w/ Alistair Begg 
Walk In The Word.
w/ James MacDonald
Living On The Edge.
w/ Chip Ingram
Family Life Today.
w/ Dennis Rainey
Lois Palau.
Joni & Friends.
Providence Baptist Ministries.

Radio/TV Ministries:
Jack Holt Ministries.

Radio Ministries:

Radio Ministries:

Jewish Organizations:
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JCC's of North America
Jewish Association On Aging.
The Anglo-Jewish Association.
ewish Federation of Greater Hartford.
Jewish Association For Business Ethics.
Jewish Big Brother/Big Sister of Boston.
Jewish Association For Residential Care.
National Association of Jewish Chaplans.
Association of Jewish Aging Services of North American.
International Association of Jewish Geneological Societies.
Jewish Association For Services For The Aged.
International Association of Lawyors & Jurists.
Canadian Jewish Law Students Association.
Association of Jewish Libraries - [ Site 1 ].
Association of Jewish Libraries - [ Site 2 ].
Association of Orthadox Jewish Scientists.
United Synagogue of Conserviative Jews.
American Jewish Press Association.
Jewish Health Care Foundation.
Jewish Free Loan Association.
Jewish Cild-Care Association.
Jewish Guild For The Blind.
Jewish Geneology.

Reference Library:
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Crista Ministries.
The Bible Gateway.
Bible Translations Ministries.
Jewish Bible Association.
Jewish Encyclopedia.
Abundant Bible.