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Donation Programs:

Tech Soup.
National Charities.

Disability World ]

Additional Worthy Charities:
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Our Military Kids.
NW Children's Fund.
Sunshine Foundation.
Children's Hospital.
Seattle Milk Fund.
Beyond The 11th.
The Bicycle Man.
Make A Wish.
Charity Buzz.
Red Cross.
Flashes of Hope.
Sweet Blessings.
Child's Play Charity.
Vacations For Vetrans.
Jazz Foundation of America.
The Second Mile. / Fresh Air.
Brides Across America.
AHA. | ALA. | MDA. | ADA.
Operation Love Re-United.
Variety Children's Charity.
Begal Freedom Project.
American Dog Rescue.
Pick-Up America.
United Way.
Shaklee Cares.
Salvation Army.
Harmony Project.
Food For The Poor.
Coleman Foundation.
Habitat For Humanity.
Reading Is Fundamental.

Self-Advocacy Organizations:
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Why Me.
Kid's Health.
Independant Living USA.
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters.
100 Black Men of America.
National Down Syndrom Society.
Dupage Center For Independant Living.
Natioinal Association of Self Esteem.
Accomplish Weight Management.
People First of Washington.
Big Brothers - (Canada).
Holistic Life Foundation.
Family Village.
Living Lands & Water.
Free & Clear.
The ARC.

Miscellanious Organizations:
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Disabled World.
Fairy Dog Parents.
Conscious Alliance.
City Dogs Magazine.
Hands-On Network.
Disability Foundation.
Foundation Industries.
Little Dresses For Africa.
Shriners of North Amerca.
EquallyABLE Foundation.
Alexander Graham Bell Association For The Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Physicians For Social Responsibility.
American Association of People with Disabilities.
Kiwanis Club International.
Rotary Club International.
Lions Club International.
Wheelchair Foundation.
The Ford Foundation.
The Kids in Need.
Charity Choices.
Earth Justice.
Vital Voices.
Good 360.

Evaluate Charities:
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Charity Watch.
Charity Navigator.
American Institute of Philanthropy.

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Magic Dealers' Assoc.
Copier Dealers' Assoc.
American Rental Assoc.
National Automobile Assoc.
Leading Jewelers of the World.
Art Dealers Assoc. of America.
National Bicycle Dealers Assoc.
North America Butterfly Assoc.
American Stamp Dealers Assoc.
National Mobility Dealers Assoc.
San Francisco Fashion Industry.
National Flea Market Association.
Family Motor Home Coach Assoc.
National Pawnbrokers Association.
Investment Dealers' Assoc. of Canada.
Assoc. of Americans Resident Overseas.
National Antique and Art Dealers' Assoc.
Professional Autograph Dealers' Assoc.
National Residence Hall Association.
National Electronics Service Assoc.
Recreation Vehicle Industry Assoc.
American Sub-Contractors Assoc.
Recreation Vehicle Dealer Assoc.
National Trailer Dealers' Assoc..
Video Software Dealers Assoc.
Private Art Dealers' Assoc.
Washington Golf Assoc.
Washington Assoc.s.
Jewelers of America.

National Medical Research Organizations:

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Children's Miracle Network.
American Heart Association.
Research Institute on Addictions.
Muscular Distrophy Association.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
National Breast CancerFoundation.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Event Fundrasing For Wash. / Alaska.
The American Lung Association.
Bone Marrow Donnor Program.
American Myopia Association.
National Fibermyalgia.
Voice and Speech Lab
(Harvard Medical School)
Med Explorer.

Actors /Writers/ Film Editors/ Directors Guild:
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Writers Guild of America.
Directors Guild of America.
Motion Picture Editors Guild.
The Broadcast Film Critics Association.
SAG Franchised Talent Agents.
The Academy Awards.

Travel Associations:
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National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents.
American Society of Travel Agents.
National Consumers League.

Humanitarian Organizations:

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World-Wide Agencies.

Domestic News Organizations:

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USA Today.
New York Times.
The Seattle Times.
New York Daily News.
The Seattle Post Intelligencer.
The San Francisco Chronicle.
The San Francisco Examiner.
The Wallstreet Journal.
The LA Times.
News Index.

International News Organizations:

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Fiji Post. | WN Asia. | Australia Oil. | Australia Daily. | Polynesia Post. | Asia Pacific FM. | Microneaia News. | Sydney Offshore. | Pacific World News. | Asian Business Report. | Australia Political. | Australia Post. | Sydney Post. | Sydney Sport. | Vanuatu Post. | PNG Times. | Seoul Daily.

Trade Associations:
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Midwest Hardware Association.
Technology Asset Management.
International Hardware Association.
Decorative Plumbing Hardware Association.
North American Retail Hardware Association.
American Hardware Manufacturers Association.
Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.
Canadian Home & Hardware Associatiion.
International Association of Information
Northeast Retail Hardware Association.
American Waterworks Association.
Toy Manufacturers of America.