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The Breeders Cup.
American Horse Council.
United States Trotting Association.
Natonal Thorougbred Racing Association.
Throoughbred Owners & Breeders Association.
Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry.
Colorado Horse Rescue.

The Triple Crown
The Preakness Race.
The Kentucky Derby.
Belmont Stakes.

Race Tracks:
Pimlico. | Belmont.

Horse Shows:
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Horse Show Central.
The Show Planner.
Horse Shows In The Sun.

Horse Associatioins {HA]:
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Arabian HA.
Palomino HA.
Paso Fino HA.
Appalousa HA.
Percheron HA.
Walkaloosa HA.
American Trail HA.
American Shire HA.
American Cutting HA.
American Morgn HA.
American Suffolk HA.
National Walking HA.
American Quarter HA.
American SaddleBred HA.
Friesian HA of North America.
Kentucky Mountain Saddle HA.
American Holsteiner Association.
Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Club.
North American Spotted Draft HA.
National Cow Reined Association.
National Foundation Quarter HA.
Foundation Bred Quarter Horses.
Rocky Mountain Quarter HA.
International Buckskin HA.
American Junior Paint HA.
Pacific Coast Quarter HA.
Gypsy Cob & Drum HA.
American Miniature HA.
Washington Reining HA.
Southwest Reining HA.
Northeast Reining HA.
American Sulphur HA.
Pinto HA of America.
American Saddlebred.
Rocky Mountain HA.
National Reining HA.
National Barrel HA.
Nationl Cutting HA.

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Feed/Tack Stores:
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Tack Shops USA.

State Line Tack.
Tack & Feed Stores.
Carolina Horse & Hound.
Anaheim Equestrian Center.
Florida Farm & Feed.
Country Supply.
Farmer Link.
Fox Feed.

PFI Western Store.
Double H Western Ware.

Feed/Hay Donations:
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Hay Bank. [Colorado]

Breeding/Stud Services: (Horses)
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Ag Direct.

Boarding Horses:
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Horse Shoeer (Farrier):
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Weimer Farrier Service.
Thunder Ridge Rockies.

Horse Trainers:
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Horse Trainers.
Horse Whisperers.
Barrel Horse Trainers.
Horse Training Videos.
Hidden Hollow Stables.
Minnesota Horse Trainer.
Arabian Horse Trainers.
Tripple Crown Stables.
The Horse's Friend.
Gladstone Wquine.

Barn Builders:
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[ Wooden Barns: ]
Classic Wood Barns.
Castlebrook Barns.
Barn Building Plans.

The Country Building Directory.

Metal Barns: ]
G.P.B. Inc.
Heritabe Building Systems.

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Stable Talk.
State Line Tack.
All About Horses.
Horizon Structures.
Bridle & Bit Magazine.
US Equestrian Federation, Inc.
US Equine Rescue League, Inc.
Global Equine Acadamy.
Horse Country Supply.
My Horse & Me.
Polo Center.

Additional Horse Links:
ssociations and Registries
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Albany Harness Racing Club Australia.
Alberta Standardbred Horse Association.
American Horse Council.
American Quarter Horse Association.
Association of Racing Commissioners International.
BC Standardbred Horsemen & Breeders.
British Harness Racing Club.
California Harness Horsemen's Association.
Chicks Saddlery.
Cloverleaf S.O.A.
County Fair Harness Racing Alliance.
Delaware Standardbred Owners Association.
Elkhorn Trotting Club; Elkhorn, WI.
Florida Standardbred Breeders and Owners Associations.
Gaited Horse International Association, Inc..
Great Britain and Ireland Trotting Association.
Hambletonian Society/Breeders Crown.
Harness Horse Assoc. of Central New York.
Harness Horse Breeders of NYS, Inc..
Harness Horse Youth Foundation.
Harness Racing Minnesota.
Harness Tracks of America.
Illinois Harness Horsemen's Association.
Illinois Standardbred Owners and Breeders Association..
Indiana Horse Racing Commission / Indiana Standardbred Breed Development Fund.
Indiana Standardbred Association.
Iowa Harness Horseman’s Association.
Irish Trotting and Harness Racing.
Just In Time Farm.
Kentucky Harness Horsemen's Association.
Little Brown Jug.
Maine Harness Racing.
Maryland Standardbred Breeders Association.
Maryland Standardbred Race Fund.
Meadows Standardbred Owners Association.
Michigan Harness Horsemen's Association.
Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Incorporated.
Minnesota Harness Racing Association.
National Racing License.
New Hampshire Pari-Mutuel Commission.
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program.
New York State Racing and Wagering Board.
New Zealand Amateur Driving Association.
Ohio Fair Managers' Association.
Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association.
Ontario Harness Horse Association.
Ontario Jockey Club.
Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society.
Oztrot Standardbred Racing Australia.
PEI Standardbred Horse Owners Assoc..
Pennsylvania Harness Horsemen's Assoc..
Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission.
Quebec Trotting & Pacing Association.
Racing Officials Accreditation Program.
Southern Tier Harness Horsemen's Association.
Standardbred Canada.
Standardbred Investigative Services.
Standardbred Marketing & Media Associati.
Standardbred Owners Assc. of New York.
Standardbred Owners of Massachusetts Inc.
Standardbred Pleasure Horse Org. - Ohio.
Standardbred Retirement foundation.
Syracuse Hambletonians Foundation.
The Classic Series.
The Harness Horse Youth Foundation.
The Jockey Club.
Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau.
Univrsity of Louisville-Equine Industry Program.
Virginia Harness Horse Association.
Western New York Harness Horsemen's Assn.
Wisconsin Harness Horse Association.