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Choice Magazine Listening.
Educaion Resources Information Centers.
American Foundation For The Blind.
Foudation Fighting Blindness.

Detailed Listings:
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Vocational Rehabilitation.
Libraries For The Blind.
Access Laws.

Equestrian Theropy Organizations:

Good Hope Equestrian Training. [Miami, FL]
Flying Manes. [NYC, NY]

Technologies For The Blind:
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(General Technologies)
Help America Vote Act.

National Industries For The Blind.
(Creating Employment Oportunities For People With Severe Disabilities)
Schools For The Blind:
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Hadley School For The Blind.
The Braille Institute For The Blind.
Washington State School For The Blind.
Texas School For The Blind and Visually Impaired.
Idaho School For The Blind & Deaf.
Perkins School For The Blind.

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The Lighthouse Inc.
Foundation Fighting Blindness.
American Council For the Blind.
National Associatioin of The Deaf.
American Foundation for the Blind.
American Health Assistance Foundation.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Canadian National Institute for the Blind.
National Association of Blind Veterines.
International Braille Research Center.
National Federation of the Blind.
Clovernook Center.
Braille Institute.

Services For The Blind:
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ADA Watch.
Charity Navigator.
Services For The Blind, +
Adaptive Recreation Resources, +
Social Services For The Handicap, +
Vocational Rehabilitation Centers, +
Georgia Lions Camp For The Blind.
Washington State Department of Services For The Blind.
Community Services For The Blind.
The Braille Library For The Blind.
Guide Dogs For The Blind.
Lighthouse International.
Footloose Sailing.
Ski For All.
ABC Radio.

Deaf Library.

Adaptive Aids For The Blind:
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Blind Net.
Talking RX.
Access 2020.
Enhanced Vision.
Guide Dogs of America.
Guide Dogs For The Blind.
Wheelchair/Scooter Ramps.
Guiding Eyes For The Blind.
Anne Morris Enterprises Inc.
American Elevator Corporation.
Blind Computer Programming Aids.
Helen Kellen Services For The Blind.
Guide Dogs Foundation For The Blind.
American Printing House For The Blind.
United States Association of Blind Athletes.
Skating Association For The Blind and Handicapped.
Braille Products: Watches, Embossing, Etc..
National Library Services For The Blind.
Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind.
Freedom Guide Dogs For The Blind.
National Industries For The Blind.
Irish Guide Dogs For The Blind.
Guide Horses For The Blind.
Blind Spot: Movie Rewiews.
Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Action For Blind People.
Games For The Blind.
Guide Dogs Australia.
Living Skill Center.
Active Dog Gear.
Enable Mart.
Maxi Aids.
A Leg Up.

Camping Services:
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Camping Unlimitted. | Help For Disabled Campers. | Camping Services For Disabled Persons. | Camp Couragious. | Camping Everglades. | SOAR.: L.D.S. Learning Camp. | Disabled Camp. | National Center On Physical Activity and Disability. | Bible Camp For The Handicapped. | Drive-In Campgrounds. | Wonderland Camp. | Joni and Friends Camp. | Camp Depot. | Amputee Coalition. | Disability & Recratioin Resources. | Accessible Camping. | Arrowhead Shepherd's Camp.

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Family Village Recreation Center. | Camp Disabled. | Learning Disability On-Line. | Disability Camping. | Daycamps For The Handicapped. | Adaptive Adventures.

Handicap Travel Services:
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Accessible Journies.

RV Information Resources:
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RV Manufacturer Directory.
RV Manufacturer and Dealer

RV Net. | RV Info Net. | RV Buyer's Guide. | RV Zone. | RV Shop. | RV USA.

Audio/Viedo and Voice Technology:
Video Technologies:

(LCD/Plasma/Flastscren TV's)

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Absolute USA. | ActiveLight. | Autosonik. | Clarion. | Icon-TV. | Konka. | Panasonic. | Samsung. | Viewell.

Research Studies On:
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Self Esteem, Employment and the Legally Blind, +
Non-Profit Career Network.
National Industries For The Blind.
Community Services For The Blind and Partially Sighted.

Travel Services / Travel Agencies For The Handicapped:
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Disability Travel Resources.
Seattle's CVB.
Trip Spot.
Greyhound Bus.
Seattle Gas Prices.
Washtington Coalition of Citizens With Disabilities.

State/Commission Services For
The Blind and/or The Deaf"

Alabama. | Alaska. | Arizona. | Arkansas. | California. | Colorado. | Connecticut. | Deleware. | Florida. | Georgia. | Hawaii. | Idaho. | Iowa. | Illinois. | Indiana. | Kansas. | Kentucky. | Louisiana. | Maine. | Maryland. | Massachusetts. | Michigan. | Minisota. | Misouri. | Mississippi. | Montana. | Nebraska. | Nevada. | New Hanphshire. | New Jersey. | New Mexico. | New York. | North Carolina. | South Dakota. | Ohio. | Oklahoma. | Oregon. | Pennsylvania. | Rhode Island | South Carolina. | South Dakota. | Tennessee. | Texas. | Utah. | Vermont. | Virginia. | Washington. | West Virgina | Wisconsin. | Wyoming.

Association For Education & Rehabilitation of The Blind & Visually Impaired. [ID/MT/WY]

Medical Aids For General Handicaps:

Aaro Medical. | Access To Recreation. | ThessenKrupp | Access. | Access Ingenuity. | 1800Wheelchair. | Active & Able. | Legbag Emptiers. | Wheelchair MiniVans. | B Independant. | Compu-TTY. | CWI. | Cordless Works. | KARMAN. | Digniy Lift. | Easy Does It. | MedicTag. | eNvision America. | Enable Mart. | ExtendAHand. | Fenton Mobility. | ForgettingThePill. | HomeCare Products. | Independant Living. | InnLand Medical Rehab. | Innovative Products Unlimitted. | LS&S. | LSEye. | LifeAllert. | Life w/ Ease. | MP Medical Inc. | Maddak. | Med Mall. | Minomech. | Mobility Concepts. | Mobility Store. | NW Medical Solutions. | Specialty Medical. | Sure Hands. | Texas Assistive Devices. | Wheelchair Accessories. | Desert Medical Essentials.

Independant Living Services:

Lane Independant Living Alliance. | A Place For Mom. | Senior Outlook. | Park Springs Continuing Care. | Helping Hands.

Special Needs Programs For The Handicapped:

Colorado Suns. | EduPro Group. | Cheer/Coach/& Advisor.

Miscellanious Handicap Organizations:

Family Village.
National Braille Press.
Alaska Center For The Blind & Vision Impaired.
National Association For Parents With Children With Visual Impairments.
Blind Children's Center. [LA, CA]
Low Vision Gateway.
Babies Foundation.
Eva's Heroes.
Wonder Baby.

New List of Handicap Services, as of 2/6/2013.