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 Redional Directory.

--- A --- Business Centre ( DINO online (German)
A1 Index Site Business Link Directory Net
A2Z (Lycos) BusinessWorld Discovery Channel Online
Access Business Online Buster Discussion Groups Lists
AccessPlus Network   DisInformation
AccuFind --- C --- Donde?
Achoo (Medical Links) Canadian Maple Square  
Adtech Business Pages CasePoint WebServer --- E ---
African American Business Dir CCRN NET (Medical Links) eDirectory
AIRS II Center Stage EESP RIC (UK)
Aliweb Search Central America Today EINet Galaxy Search
All 4 One Central Source Inet Services Elcano (Spanish)
All-in-One Resources Chamber of Commerce Dir. Electronic Business Guides
All-in-One Search Channel 1 Business Directory Electronic Library
All-Internet Business Dir Chinese Business Net El Paso SuperSearch
All-Purpose Searcher Christian White Pages (UK)
alt.culture The Circle Email Addresses: US Gov.
Alta Vista City.Net Ethical Business
American Mall Hotlinks Citypages (UK) European Directory
Ampersand CitySearch Excite Search
Ananzi (S. Africa) ClassMates Online Eye on the Web
an Auction Clearinghouse for SOIR EZ-Find
Apollo (UK) CMC Info Sources  
Aqueous College Directory Publishing --- F ---
ArchiePlex Form ComFind Filez
Area 52 COMMA Hotlist Find-It!
The Argus Clearinghouse Commercial WWW Servers Fish-Search
A Source Community Navigation Flip's Search Resources
Asia Showcase / Catalog Lib. Company Site Locator Food & Beverage Directory
AT&T Business Network Companies on the Web (WC) Forum One
Awebs Usenet Archive Comparing Engines Four11
  CompuServe Wizard Francité
  Content Router FTP Search
--- B --- Corporate Intelligence  
BabyOIL Resources Crawler.De (German) --- G ---
BayNet's Search Page CSTR Search G-Spot (Philippines)
Beaucoup Search List CUI W3 Catalog Gabebo
B.E.S.T. (Education) CUSI GamesDomain
Big Book Yellow Pages CyberHound GardenWeb
Bigfoot Email Directory Cybernet Yellow Pages German Language Sites
BigYellow CyberSense Global Contact NAFTA Reg
BizWeb CyberSpud Global Interactive City
BizWiz Cynet (Malaysia) Global On-Line Directory
Blackworld   Global Reference Link
Blake Cameron's Search --- D --- Global Visions Humanitarian Dir
Blue Squirrel DACLOD - List GLOSS - Stanford
Book of Transport Professionals David's White Pages GNA Meta - Index
British In America Dave's Search Page G.O.D. (UK)
BRS Search Page Deja News Grit
Build Net (Contruction) Delta Business Directory GTE Superpages

--- H --- IS Workgroup Search --- N ---
Harvest Pages Broker I/spy Internet Net Search NAFTA InterTrade Showcase
Hebrew Engine Italian Spider (Italy) Navigate dot Net
Home Team iTools NCSA's What's New
Homescout (Real Estate) IWEB Search Service  
Hong Kong Search   Nebula Search (Sci-Fi)
Hoover's Online --- J --- Nerd World Media
HOTBOT Japanese Open Text Index NET Compass
Huenet Jayde Net-Cyber-Pages
Huge List Jones College Inet Resource Netgfind email
Hyperbase Josh's Sanctum NetGuide Live
HyperNews Jubii! Danish Search NetMall
Hytelnet JumpCity NetPages
  JumpStation II Netscape Destinations
--- I --- theJunction On Line Service NetSearch (UK / Europe)
IBCNet   NetSearch (Worldwide)
IBM Aqui --- K --- Net Squared Business Dir
IBM InfoMarket KanISrch? (Kansas) NetTracker
Identify Kapow (Australia) NewMarket Forum Assoc Dir.
i-Explorer kolibri (German) New Riders Yellow Pages
IGS Marketplace   News.Answers Faqs Archive
Iguide --- L --- Nikos
ILTweb HotSpots Le Guide Internet (France) NISS - Newgate
Image Surfer LexiConn Nlightn
Index - E-Mail Addresses Library of Congress Noble Internet Directories
Index Hong Kong Link Exchange (Surf Point) Nomade
Index of Indicies Linkmaster Normal Engines
Index - UK LinkMonster NorthWest Web Net
Inference Find Link Star NPAC Usenet Search
Info-Express List of Lists Nynex Yellow Pages
Infohiway List Server  
The Informant Server Liszt email --- O ---
Information Sources LLNL's List of Lists o://infoweb Bag'o'Links
InfoSeek Search Lokace (France) OKRA - Net.Citizen Service
InfoSeek Ultra LookUP! Directory Service OneKey
Infospace Lycos Online Books
InfoTraveler   On'Villiage Yellow Pages
Interactive Yellow Pages --- M --- Open Text Search
InterBis Magic Search Origo Index (Norwegian)
Interglobal Who's Who Mail Order Direct-A-Net Otis Index - Commercial
International Internet Group MallPark  
Internet Addressbook MathSearch --- P ---
Internet Address Finder Matilda SafeSurf Pathfinder Search
Internet Connections, Inc The Matrix PC Computing Map
Internet Electronic Mail Dir McKinley Search Peekaboo
Internet en castellano MegaList WWW List People Finder
Internet Meeting Point MESCH PeopleSearch by W3COM
Internet Movie Database MetaCrawler Parallel PikeNet (Commercial REstate)
Internet Navigation Page Metasearch Planet Oasis (Kids)
Internet Pages Metasearch Useit! Point Communications
Internet Public Library Metroscope Point Review (Lycos)
Internet Roadmap MIBI Poke!
Internet Search Michigan Electronic Library PowerLink
Internet Searching Center Microsoft Library PrimeSearch
Internet Services List Middle East Internet Pages Prof Business Net Exchange
Internet Sleuth Mining White Pages Professional Services Net
Internet Wizard Minority Business Directory Professionals Online
InterNIC Dir Services Montazh Multimedia Network Profusion
InterNIC Whois The Mother Load Pronet Directory
Intuitive Web Index Multimedia Info Services Prototype SOLO Server
IRED (Real Estate) Multinet World Marketplace PubliNet
Irena - Web Finders MusicSearch  

--- Q --- Tradewatch Business Dir Wholesaler's Marketplace
Quality Links Travel-Finder Spider Whoopie! TrekNet's Business District Who's Who Online
  Tribal Voice Search White Pages
--- R --- True Yellow WhoWhere?
RBSE Spider (NASA) TUSP WHO's On-line   Who's Who Online
Related Readings --- U --- Willow Info Center
Ricerca (Italy) UK-Dir WONET- Women's Net
Robo-Link (Tech Opp) The URL Catcher Woohoo
  The Url Tree World Access Inet Navigator
--- S --- Uroulette World Alumni Page
Savvy Search US Naval Master Clock World Email Directory
Scholarly Gateway US Yellow Pages World Wide E-Mail
Scottish Business Exchange USA411 World Wide Freelance Dir
Search Central Usenet-address index (WAIS) World Wide Profile Reg
Searching the Internet Usenet Address Service World Wide Yellow Pages
Search in Italy Usenet FAQ Search WWW Acronyms
Search! Personal Pages Usenet Newsstand WWW Business Y Pages
Search.NL   WWW Harvest Broker
SEC Edgar Archives --- V --- WWW Pavilion
Service Professionals The Veiled Keep WWW Virtual Library Verity Virtual Library WWW Women
ShinySeek (Italian) Virtual Search Page WWW WORM
S I F T Virtual Tourist WWW Yellow Pages
Simmany The Volcanologist List WWWindex
SiteSeeker (Pathfinder) VR-USA WWWLib (UK)
Snoopie --- W --- --- X ---
So Cal excite W3 Search Engines XREF Business Dir
Social Security Death Index Wall Street Journal AdNet  
Soprano Connections Wandex,Wanderer --- Y ---
Spark Search Service Watermans Virtual Library Yahoo!
Spider's Apprentice WEB Crawler Search Yahooligans
Spiral Communications Web Ranger MegaSearch Yahoo! Japan
Start Page Web Scout Yahoo People Search
Starting Point Web Search Yellow Pages Japan
Subject-Oriented Guides Web Voyager Yellow Pages Online
SuperSearch Web Wanderer Yellow Pages Plus
The Surfer's Edge (Singapore) Web Watchdog Yellow Pages Superhighway
Surf's Up Web Wise Library Your Personal Net
Swiss Search Web100 Yellow-Net
Switchboard WebDirect! YelloWWWeb Pages
  Webhound Interface  
--- T --- WebPort City Gateways --- Z ---
Taxonomy Webseek ZD-Net Library
Tech Expo Hi-Tech Info WebSource ZZZ Search
Ted Slater's Search Page Webster Dictionary  
Telephone Directories Net Webster Thesaurus --- 0 to 9 --- Websurfer 123 Link
Toad's Hotlist WEBtown 100Hot List
TotemPole Webula 2ask
TradeAccess Business Info What's New ( 3H Business & Travel Guide
Trade Pages What's New Tool!