Imagining A Different World

There is much about today's world that if possible I would like to change, but of these factors that make life the way it is, is how we operate around money.

I wish that money was an infinite commodity; a commodity that could be renewed at any point in time. The concept of money or trade has had a spirit to its' self that has always seemed to say "I want to be God. I want to be worshipped." In how money is treated and in what man/woman will do to get it, and credit records are used to determine who has the greatest ability to repay. Those that have the greatest ability to repay are given the lowest rates making it even easier to repay. The Bible describes the "Love of Money" as being the "Root of all Evil". As the Devil has also been aligned with being the Father of Sin and anything Evil, then does not money take upon the persona of the Devil as well?

In my own life I have tried to situate my life in a position to where there is no conscious sense of value when I think of money; that instead of allowing how much money I might have or how little money I might have, the influence of choice to what I might choose to do might come only from an enjoyment factor of my spirit. I enjoy having the ability to produce my website. As someone with a disability I saw a potential need for easier access to information and set out to create that easier access to information. This choice was not made because I could get money for my work, but instead of its' challenger factor to my own life. I would like to encourage others to take on this challenging life quality upon their own life and I believe that they could enjoy a happier life as well.

I would like to see less of this competitive nature in life and more of a cooperative nature to life in its' place. Businesses could still make a profit so that the company could grow; and it could continue to reward it's share holders with dividends as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if credit reports were instead used to determine who had the greatest need, and to then provide them with the lowest interest rates to help make it the easiest to repay on a person's or on a family's debt? Today, a company's drive is to pull as much profit from as many people as it possibly can, only limited by what the society will allow. Behind the society, however lies the drive of every man/woman to pull as much money as they can from society.