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777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA, 92802-3497, (714) 750-4321

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Anaheim Hilton Hotel:
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Room Accommodations:
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Floor Plan:
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Meeting Rooms:

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Tower Privileges:

Spa & Fitness:
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Maid Service:

The Outdoor Pool:
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Business Center:

Internet Accessibility:

Kids Club:

Entrance & Lobby:
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** Starbuck's:
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Rooftop View:
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Room Features:

LCD Television:

Handicap Rooms:


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Lunch Menu:
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Dinner Menu:
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Breakfast Buffet:
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Dessert Menu:
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Wine Bar Menu:

Inside Hotel Businesses:

The Hilton Spa & Fitness Center. - (714) 740-4431

 Starbucks. - (714) 740-4442

Food Court:

Baha Fresh.
Phone: (714) 971-4664

Sbarros Italien Eatery.

Frozen Assets.
(714) 663-8811

Sbarro - Sbarro’s has over 1,000 chains in the US and offers a mix of popular pizzas, pastas, and salads. Sbarro specializes in New York Style selling mostly “by the slice” and is a perfect “grab and go option” for guests!

Frozen Assets - Unique to Hilton Anaheim, Frozen Assets will bring an exciting variety of frozen yogurt and smoothies to the hotel. Offering delicious mix-ins, flavors, and dietary smoothie supplements, Frozen Assets will satisfy a sweet tooth or the need to start your day healthy for $3-$5.00.

Baja Fresh Express - Baja Fresh Mexican Grill makes all your Mexican favorites the way you like them. BIG, fresh and delicious. Baja Fresh offers freshly-prepared quality meats, produce, and unique salsas. Everything is cooked to order.