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Technoloty Worth Looking At!

Background to Sponsorships:

Pentax Donated
Pz-1p Auto-focus Camera System

Greyline Donated
Bus Tours
(New York City, Washington DC, and
San Francisco)

Tamrac Donated
Model 610 Camera Bag

Yashica Donated
300 AF Auto-focus Camera System

Hilton Properties Donated
Lodging in Numerous Cities

Pro Lab
(Seattle, WA)
Photo Developing Services of
Slide Film
So Far,
4 Rolls for 2003!
3 Roll for 2004!

American Automobile Association of Washington Donated an Annual RV Plus (Road Side Assistance) Membership.

Op-Tech Donated
Tri-pod Back Strap

Bogen / Metz Donated
Metz 40MZ3i Flash

Harvy Cars Donated
Grand Canyon Transportation and Discounted Lodging

Nokia and Voice Streem Donated
Cellular Phone and $200 Service Grant

Hewlett Packard Corporation Donated
4020 CDi CD Writer

American Automobile Association
Trip Tik to my Bicycle Trek to San Francisco, CA

GlobalScape Donated
Cute FTP Pro 3.0

Glazers and Cannon USA
Lent a 1NRS for Testing

Adaptec Donated 29160 SCSI Card

Powerquest Donated
Partician Magic

National Press Photographers' Association Donated
Yearly Dues for Membership

Konica Donated
35mm Rolls of Film

Movie Studios: Donating DVD Movies

Disney, MGM/UA, Paramount, Universal, WB, 20th Century Fox

Symantec Donated
Win FAX Pro 10.0
ProComm Plus 7.0

AGFA Donated
Arcus II Scanner, and 100 Rolls AGFA Film

Eastman Kodak Donated
Film and Processing

FotoFlex Donated
2 Light Stands and
1 Umbrella

Adobe Systems Donated
Creative Suite 2,
Pagemaker 6.1,
Photoshop 5.1,
Go Live 5.0,
and Pagemill 3.0

National Basketball Association Donated
Access to Photograph NBA Games

Networks Donated
RealPlayer Plus,
RealJukebox Plus, and
RealProducer Plus

Cameras West Donated
Studio Time for Research

Print File Donates
Negative / Slide Sheets

Restaurant Group, Inc. Donated
Money for Transportation Needs

1 Year's Membership

Mamya Donated
Seconic 408
Light Meter

Polaroid Company Donated
35LE Slide/Negative Scanner

Asus Donated
F3BF Motherboard

Special Notation For...: The Bogen Corporation and Cameras West

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