Audio Technology: Where Is It Not Being Used?

It could be used to Better Inform the Blind on so many things! I would tend to think that The Blind, of which I am one of them, are only recognized by society because our government has set regulations and laws in place to make it so.

Transportation services and Lodging services are but two examples where the blind could become better informed consumers of a company services.

How many companies can you name that has ever considered how the blind could increase the company's bottom line?

As technology continues to move on to improved technologies is there ever a need for some of the technology of the past to remain in place even if the greatest of demand for it has moved on? The answer should be a resounding "YES. A central concept that I would like to convey here is that be it Braille, be it Large Print text, or be it Audio Technologies; all of these are
Tools and should be so considered when it comes to serving the needs of the Blind; not needs as you see them, but needs as they see them.

While Producing Braille or Large Print reading materials might be expensive and time consuming, with minimal setup fees, the cost of running a Voicemail system could be run on peanuts; pennies on the dollar.

QWest Communications is one company that offers a "Voice Mail - Listen Only" Mailbox system and the Executive Office's phone number I called was 877-440-8959. At that time I spoke to a Gerry L. Singleton-Lewis.

The process is like this: when upon dialing a mailbox number a caller could listen to any message a company might want to leave; policies of a company; procedures to follow; or simply information on what they could expect from a company. The snag to this technology being used more might be the fact that QWest does not promote the existance of this service on any of their literature, nor in any of their advertisement nor on their website.

The pricing structure for this service is $25.00 per month no matter the number of Mailboxes set up, with a one time setup fee of $10.00 for each mailbox.